More than a thread, a philosophy.

Today the quantity of yarn yearly produced through very advanced technological procedures is 1.500.000 kg. Among these, 70% is represented by “fancy-yarns”, cornerstone of Igea’s production.


The 'Igea lab' and 'Igea Studio' lines represent 70% of the total production, ‘Azimut’ the 30%. The product is distributed 50% in Italy and 50% abroad, among which 60% in USA and Japan (with most of the goods delivered in China and Hong Kong), 27% in Germany, 7% in France, and 6% in other countries. The sales, around €15 millions in the 80’s, have been constantly increasing, reaching more than €32 millions in 2001, and from 2007 to 2010 they stabilized by approximately €25 millions per year.


Since 2010 a photovoltaic system is active on the ceilings of Igea’s sheds, with 2000 panels, for a yearly production of 550 MW, equivalent to 50% of the company’s requirements, with a yearly lowering of around 400 tons of CO2.

Concluding with a last number: quality, innovation, and sustainability at 360 degrees.

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